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With energy deregulation of PG&E in California, residents now have a choice of who they use as their electricity and/or gas provider. Just over 7 years ago, Ambit Energy began as a company offering low electricity rates for TX residents. Now, with over 1 million customers, they are offering energy savings to customers in California!

Ambit Energy is now bringing discount gas rates to California. And will be supplying discount electricity soon.

What does this mean to us as California residents? Obviously, it means cheaper rates on our natural gas bill, and who couldn’t use some extra money at the end of each month? Caliornia customers are seeing a savings of 20 to 25% on Gas and will experience savings of over 30% once electricity is provided this spring.

So, how do we do it?

We only charge for the Gas...! PG&E is allowed to build in the cost of their infrastructure, Bad Debts, and anything else the Public Utilities Commission will allow them, into their actual cost of gas. Ambit is debt free and has minimal overhead and is much more flexible and able to go out and get the best price for natural gas. We then pass the savings on to our customers.

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